Here you can find some audio tracks of the projects and activities of the creative laboratory PeopleFromTheMountains, extracted by albums, video and concerts.

musica da cucina

musica da cucina, 2011 – Long Song Records (Milano)

Three songs from the second album of MusicaDaCucina, recorded at LeMont Studio – Morbegno (SO) by Lorenzo Monti.

Produced by Fabrizio Perissinotto and Fabio Bonelli.

Cover by Valeria Maggiani and Giacomo Spazio, based on the drawings of Elvira Giorgetta.


Tanti piccoli chicchi di riso che sorridono felici

Pasta madre

musica da cucina, 2007 – City Living (Milano)

Three songs from the first album of MusicaDaCucina, recorded at Bips Studio in Milano by Lorenzo Monti.

Cover by Giacomo Spazio and Valeria Maggiani.

Crumbs (briciole)

Quella luce dalla dispensa

E sorridi quando cucini…

Pet Life Saver

Cover of a classic post rock italian song from the band Giardini di Mirò performed by Musica da cucina, Bob Corn and Comaneci. The song appears on the web compilation “Altri Giardini”



A live version of KooINoor, a song from a MATITA concert live at MITO Fringe in Milano, june of 2011.

sii bih dii

Improvisation in winter

Song taken from a short improvisation of SiiBihDii at Kundaluna, ValMasino (SO) in winter 2012, during a concert with Laboule, Sbizza and AlexAbusivo. Featuring birds vynil and decoys and Fabio Bonelli.

Improvisation in spring

Song taken from a long improvisation of SiiBihDii recorded during a baptism party in Bollate (MI), spring 2011. Some of the percussion are played by children from the party. Featuring birds vynil and decoys, Francesca Giomo (cello), Antonello Raggi (piano, percussion) and Fabio Bonelli (guitar, percussion).


Audio extracts from soundtrack works for film, documentary, theatre by Fabio Bonelli

sound installations

Musiche per “idola”

“idola” is an installation by the italian artist Tamara Ferioli exposed in december 2011 in Milan, at the gallery Officine dell’Immagine. The artist asked Fabio Bonelli from PeopleFromTheMountains to prepare the sound design for her work, who realized the whole soundtrack of the installation.

The chords of the piano, recorded in a gloomy room in autumn, are like pillars of sound, like tree trunks. Every chords opens to field recordings of different natural habitats, as books which hide a world inside. So as a book every sound habitat is like an universe of sounds and symbols that populates for an istant the wood of “idola”.