sit in music


Sit In Music is an electro pop band composed by Fabio Bonelli and Adalgisa, a sweet puppet who kindly sings and dance. There is also a puppet band, colourful and wild. And also papier-mâché starships, singing suns, speaking bears and many others, in a colourful and sparkling show that, starting from indie pop inspired by Beatles, Pixies and Yo La Tengo, aims at merging puppetry, musical, Muppet Show, circus and sci-fi.
The project started in January 2014, with quite a number of gigs in Italy, often characterized by a good audience response with several sold out concerts. Puppets and tricks are moved by Solenn Le Marchand and Alberto Stevanato from the art-rock band Grimoon and the stop motion studio Frame by Frame.

VIDEO – SitInMusic live at Riot, Napoli – first concert